Monday, July 18, 2011

It only takes one person to make a difference.

Coming home for the summer was a little different this year. For one thing I actually wanted to stay in Utah but expenses outweighed opportunity, so I had to come home! Second, I felt like everyone else was staying and I would miss out on fun and friends, which for a while was true. And third, I felt like I wouldn't have any friends at home to hang out with. Nevertheless, I came home. For the first two months I filled all my time with work, babysitting and family because I didn't want to feel lame because I had free time and nothing to do! However, it all changed when I met a wonderful girl at church! Amber saying hello to me and inviting me to a crape party was one of the biggest blessings of the summer! Since meeting her I have made some wonderful friends, borrowed someones socks, danced like a fool, discovered the wonder of $5 movies, jumped in the Tualatin river, and learned how to throw a Frisbee. I never realized how much one kind person can make a difference.

People like Amber make me want to be the same. I smile and say hello to people I met one time, I try to make people feel welcome, I try to invite people...I know its silly but after seeing how much of a blessing it was for me, I just want to return the favor to others. A warm smile, a gentle greeting, a friendly face.... all these things can completely change how a person feels. They made me willing to try new things on my own. They all helped me to feel comfortable enough to be myself. It all started with one person. Never underestimate your ability to help someone. Never let an opportunity to make a friend pass you by. I once heard someone say, "There is no such thing as a stranger, just friends you haven't met yet".

Until later,
A friend

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reasons I come back to Portland for summer....

Its been quite sometime since I last wrote anything so I figured I should explain why....My summers are not filled with weekend trips to the beach or vacations to far away places, although I sometimes wish they were! My summers are filled with work, working out, and babysitting. Occasionally I sleep or watch a movie...but that's about it....I know I know it sounds ridiculously boring and lame to most people but to me it's completely fine 99.5% of the time. The other .5% of the time I really wish I had something fun to do with friends, who knows maybe if I had something to do I would actually work less....Anyways, here are the reasons why I come home to Portland for the summer....

1. My job is just too convenient! If I was to come back home for a weekend I could have a job if I wanted. It is the biggest blessing in my life since baby lotion was created. And not only is it convenient, it is awesome! I get paid to play with little children, people don't look at me funny if I start acting like a little kid, and it's basically just the best! I also have wonderful friends from work that I love!

2. The families I babysit for are amazing! I primarily babysit for 3 families. They keep me plenty busy and sometimes I babysit for a family as often as 3 times a week! One of my all time favorite families has 5 happy, fun, energetic, loud, active boys. Did I mention that they are all boys!?! I love it! They are adorable. Grant, the oldest, is my little helper. When I ask him to watch the babies for a second so that I can do something else, he is on it! Luke, next in line, is the goof ball! He comes up with some of the wackiest sayings and jokes that I have ever hear! Max, middle child, is very intelligent! If he doesn't understand why something is the way it is, he won't leave me alone until he gets a good answer! And then their are the twins, Leo and Jake. Leo is much more of an independent baby, he will just hang out and do his own thing, on the other hand Jake likes to do everything that his older brothers are doing. He loves to be right where all the action is. We have had so many fun times! A scavenger hunt for buried treasure, making fathers day crafts, watching Hook! (Which happens to be an awesome movie!) and much much more!

3. I suppose my family should count. I love them, I really do! Sometimes they really drive me up the wall though!

4. My gym membership is free! I love working out! However, I don't have a membership to a gym at school because I am a cheap college kid! I would work out 6 days a week if I got my way every week! Sometimes it doesn't happen, but it's wonderful when it does!

5. Last but not least.....It's OREGON! The most beautiful place in the world! I love Oregon! I just wish I had more time to enjoy it, which is why I am going to make a list of things I want to do before the end of summer!

Until later,
working too much