Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another Testament to BYU Dance Classes

It all began with a Spring Ballroom dance class. Two individuals enrolled on their own accord and had no idea what was in store for them. The young beautiful girl (let's call her Kirsten) was simply auditing the class, trying to keep dancing through the summer so that she would not lose the skills she had learned. The strong exotic gentleman (let's say his name is Cesar) was in the class trying to further his ability to dance International Standard Ballroom.

Kirsten had taken the class before and was initially very concerned about the skills of the young men in the class. She often found herself coaching the men through the dances. Cesar loved this. He knew that practicing with this beautiful girl would help him to score better in the class. Alas, young Cesar asked the beautiful maiden to practice with him as his partner "injured herself in a car accident." (Kirsten is pretty sure this girl does not exist).

During their practices, the two dancers had such a great time they decided to spend time outside of dance. After the first date it was like a whirlwind. Not long after their first date they were dating, then talking about getting married, and then the trip to Oregon set the marriage in stone.

While in Oregon, Cesar boldly asked for the young maiden's hand and Kirsten's father approved the match. Thus, Kirsten and Cesar were to be married. Now the engagement is official and the date is set. Kirsten and Cesar are to be married in the Salt Lake City Temple on December 27th. 

Oh....yeah this story is real.