Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Journey of a Lifetime

One month ago today, I celebrated my 19th birthday. I'm not sure if you know this but that is almost two decades, which means that I am one year away from removing all the negative connotation that is associated with being a teenager. Wowza! I am getting old! I already suffer from identity and frequent mid-life crisis! But this is all beside the point, the point is that I had a wonderful birthday! Woke up in the morning, went to group power, came home, got ready, went to the zoo with my nephews, sister and dad, came home had the best surprise from my mother, went to institute, came home, had cake, and went to bed! I wanted to write this blog because I didn't want to forget what my birthday gift was. Now to unveil what the surprise was...

When I got home from the zoo with my day, I walked into my room and found a little yellow stickie note that said,"1. The gift of life wasn't mine to give-but mine to receive- Heavenly Father allowed us to have your sweet spirit in our family- If not us- you would have blessed the life of others, to our great loss! For #2 look in the bag we use when we take the bike."

So I looked in the pink bag from old navy that my mom and I use for bike rides and found..."#2. Frugal and thrifty you inspire us all with your dedication and determination to carry your own load and easy the burdens of others! For clue 3 look in the book that's read each night- taking turns together before we turn out the light."

Following the clue, I looked in the scriptures and found, "#3 A scholar and more, you lead the way- reminding us its worth it, if we get lost in the fray! #4 this wonder thing helped you find your pitch!"

Looking in the piano, I discovered, "#4 Singing is key to who you are -even if you choose a different path- Nourish the seed it will make memories that last and last! #5 My tummy's full of coins- but even that doesn't stop me from moving from spot to spot"

This one took more thought to find, but after a few minutes I realized where I needed to look, the piggy bank that Ashtyn loves to play with! So upstairs I ran, checking that very location, where I uncovered "#5 Saving is key, but not alone-giving and spending, balance the zone- making a happier person to be. #6 Look where you spend time, make your hair beautifully shine!"

Another easy one lead me straight to the bathroom, where in the draw with my straightener was "#6 The outside matters but to a few! And most don't count- which leaves just you! You are beautiful inside and out! #7 For me think peddling- racing fast little legs are amazing, just ask!"

Downstairs in the tricycle that my nephews ride was "#7 Nurturing- insightful- caring too- little children and development are what you do! #8 Some store with trees- on shelves or on racks many of yours hand patiently in a canvas pouch"

Stumped! I couldn't figure it out! I asked my dad and my brother, nothing, we couldn't find the next clue. Finally after much thought, and a few extra hints, I found it! #8 was hidden in my closet in one of the pouches that my shoes hang in. And it said "#8 The collection was growing to impressive size, when maturity helped open your eyes- shoes serve a purpose and are fun none the less but vitally important they don't pass the test! #9 Cravings are a normal part of life- An easy fix is this and a few and sugary satisfaction just for you"

I looked in all of the places we normally hide our treats, but didn't find anything, suddenly I knew where to look. In the cereal cabinet, on the top of the oatmeal (great for no-bake cookies) was "#9 Resourceful and competent- a value shopper and more you will bless you husband with dinners of good food galore!#10 Think quad's and speed to find the next clue- Dust may coat me but I gave my due"

The Skier's Edge is right were I found the next little note, which said "#10 Your glory days need not be over- The skill remains and will serve you well at some further time Memories were made and character developed the time was well sent and repay when shared with another. #11 Pink and fluffy you will find #11 just behind"

I figured that it would be best to check the place where the most pink was in the house, so too my room I went. And right behind my pillow I found "#11 We've travelled together you and me Comfort and safety are what I bring- Reminders of home an security too- Intangible memories through tangible means- "A pillow" some say- but to others "a dream"- #12 Another would complain are my jeans washed Too quickly said you- so here dirt clothes you stash"

In my hamper I found "#12 Life's lesson's are long and the tests may be hard- You will come out on top because you regard values eternal and true to the core! For #13 Look on the back of your door"

Plain and simple, I looked and I found "#13 An open book some may say- intelligent smart- I say most important is your open heart! #14 Excel you do and excel you kept look here for 14 but not too deep"

Inside my briefcase I found "#14 The KKK has struck again- and many a life they've brightened- Remember how to lift another and you too will rise the better (Great memories shared) #15 can be found where pictures hang together"

Looking behind all the pictures hanging throughout the house, after some searching I found #15 on the magnet board in the entry way, it read "#15 A writer I have dreams to be but maybe not as planned It may be you through this achieved the writer you not me! #16When almost done what crazy idea was this #16 lies in a pile, a mess- of junk with quick access!"

I looked upstairs in the box in my room that holds all of my random stuff, no luck. Then I tried the drawer in the kitchen table and found "#16 Around the house you had to search for clues and memories-Each to make you realize your specialties! #17 Where you began the last project huge! Moldings, sills, and spiderwebs"

Searching the dining room high and low I found the next clue in the lamp the initiated the entire cleaning spree by housing a spider and breaking a light bulb (which made it easier to vacuum up the spider). The clue read "#17 Sentimental I'm not, but you could become- better than me and warmer you'll be- Don't let yourself close off the soft spot embrace the gentle side- the treasuring of things- a sentimental lot. #18 is one of my few objects of sentimentality"

Immediately I knew, the picture! No other description is necessary, if you know my mother well enough you know what I am talking about! The next note said "#18 I hope you haven't goofed up- but then why not you see that would only exemplify what makes me "me" goofy is good! Embrace your goofy side. Brighten the lives and days of others with laughter. #19 is the last clue, takes you to your treasures to keep - look in the bag which shows why I couldn't go to the zoo!"

So to my mothers temple bag I went! And I found a small wrapped package with this not on top, "#19 Your gift and the end of this inane exercise- the goal to make your birthday with remembering without wastefully money to dish! Happy Birthday!"

Inside of that package was the Complete Jane Austen Collection of BBC movies!!! I was so stoked!! I also got a white chocolate KitKat bar which happens to be my all time favorite candy bar!! The gifts are not the important part though, the important and best gift was the scavenger hunt through the house that lead me down memory lane and almost brought tears to my eyes. To me, the thought is much more important than the money spent. I love my mom! She is the best!! I couldn't do much of anything without all the support she gives me! She cares more than any one else and puts others above herself! I had a wonderful birthday with my family, which is all that I wanted!!

Until later,
happy with the simple things