Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My whole world was changed at 7 years old

It has been ages since I have posted anything! And since I am avoiding studying for a test I have to take today, this seems like the perfect time! I will keep it short though.

So once upon a time a little girl was sitting in her 2nd Grade class room doing her assignment. Out of habit she began humming a happy little tune. Suddenly the teacher asked who was making noise, looking around the little girl was puzzled as to who would have the audacity to disrupt the class. Unable to find the perpetrator the class when back to work. Once again the little girl began humming. Finally the teacher realized who it was, and asked the little girl if she was humming. Completely unaware that humming was something that was shared with the world the little girl was horror struck! Who would have thought that something so personal as humming would be shared with all in ear shot? I certainly would not have thought so!

As you might have guess that little girl was indeed me, and yes it was devastating to find that even something so quiet as humming was automatically exposed to the world. I find it upsetting that even to this day I will not hum in public, not sure exactly why. As I was walking into the library today to "study" I heard a kid humming and was amazed. Sure, it is simple, I mean who can't hum, wait that's a dumb comment...everyone can hum, not everyone should. Still my world was changed when I came to the realization that humming was not a private matter. I will never be able to hum with the joy that I did before this realization.

Don't worry I still will write about my trip to Texas, I just need more time to set aside.

Until later,
Unable to Hum